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Online ordering for your hospitality venue with Cinch, powered by Impos
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Pay no percentage of your orders.

Cinch, powered by Impos lets your customers place takeaway orders online for pick-up or self-fulfilled delivery. No venue is too big or small, whether a small café, pizza place, winery, or large restaurant.

Easily publish your Cinch menu to a personalised web-page, and accept orders on your Impos point of sale system.

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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  • Step 2

    We’ll get you setup and confirm you’re happy with your menu before publishing

  • Step 3

    Start taking orders!

Turn your website visits into online orders

Cinch allows you to drive sales via online ordering for your hospitality venue. No matter how much your business grows, you will benefit from taking unlimited orders at minimal fees.

Setup Facebook online ordering to reach more of your customers

2.45 billion users is more than enough reason to start selling your food on Facebook.

In fact, it takes you less than 1 minute to integrate this online ordering system with your business page.

Online food ordering system with mobile app for your customers

More than 52% of customers trust a restaurant’s own branded app more than a 3rd party food portal app.

So why not get your own branded mobile app and give your customers what they want?

Receive and confirm orders from your smartphone or tablet

Get all your restaurant’s online orders in one place within the order taking app.

When a customer places an order on your website Facebook page or mobile app, it instantly gets published to your Android or iOS device.

With this free food ordering app for restaurants, you can easily start taking online orders and grow your business.

Free table reservation system included at no extra cost

No monthly subscription fees; no cost per guest or booking; take unlimited online restaurant bookings.

Benefits of online reservation system for restaurants

With our free table reservation system for restaurants, you’ll:

  • Know exactly how many guests to expect
  • Gain repeat business
  • & Grow your sales

Why use expensive third-party reservations when you have lifetime access to the best free restaurant reservation system?

Save Money with Cinch, powered by Impos. That was easy.

Reduce your costs and retain your hard fought margins through a simple, flat monthly subscription fee.

Avoid percentage based fees, hidden charges, and set up fees. Keep your margins where they belong, in your pocket.

  • Use your own driver and avoid costly percentage based fees
  • No hidden charges or setup fees
  • No matter how many orders you process, our flat fee never changes

Increase Sales with Cinch, powered by Impos. That was easy.

Attract more customers and grow your revenues by adding online ordering and reservations to your website, Facebook page, or mobile app.

Create promotions, setup discounts, launch online advertising, and use analytics to help you make better decisions. A simple way to attract more customers.

  • Increase your sales channels and accept orders through your existing website, Facebook page and/or your mobile app
  • Upsell customers with recommended add-ons, sides, drinks and desserts
  • Seduce your customers with tempting promotions such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free, deal groups, and volume discounts
  • Make smarter decisions using Cinch’s dashboard including ordering funnel, website traffic, and order throughput
  • Using Cinch’s website generator, choose to add optional SEO/SEM services through Google analytics

Launch Quickly with Cinch, powered by Impos. That was easy.

Start accepting online orders within minutes, through a simple setup and onboarding process.

  • Use Cinch’s code-free website generator to quickly launch a fully functional website with menu and  ordering capability
  • Simple widget buttons turn your existing website, Facebook page or mobile app into a payments-ready ordering engine
  • No need for a dedicated device, simply use your phone or tablet to accept orders
  • Our dedicated support team is there for you every step of the way

Easily Customise, powered by Impos. That was easy.

Easily customise your ordering experience and keep your customers happy using granular adjustment features.

Put your brand front and center, decide your delivery zones, fees and charges, service times and trading hours. Give your customers exactly what they want.

  • Cinch allows full white labelling so your customers only see your logo and interact with your brand
  • More than 52% of customers trust a restaurant’s own branded app more than a third party food portal app
  • Easily update your menu, promotions and orders through Cinch’s WYSIWYG website editor
  • Customise your delivery zones and their associated delivery fees
  • Decide how you charge with fixed fees, percentage fess, or a combination of both
  • Easily adjust your service times and trading hours.

Save Time, powered by Impos. That was easy.

Avoid wasting time on manual tasks and effort by syncing Cinch with your Impos software and avoiding human error.

Send orders straight to the kitchen, print receipts, and automate your payments reconciliation. Don’t waste another second.

  • Confirm incoming orders with a simple tap of the screen
  • Send orders directly to your kitchen and receipt printers through a seamless syncing with Impos point of sale software
  • Reconcile payments, sales, stock and inventory using Impos point of sale software
  • Lean on Impos’ 15 years of experience serving the Hospitality industry

Cinch FAQ

Do you have to use Impos POS to use Cinch?

No. Cinch can be used with other POS systems

Where do the orders appear in Impos?

The order will come through as TABS and PRE-PAID. They cannot come through under ORDERS.

How do I process a REFUND through Cinch?

This must be processed through the online merchant.

What is the difference between Cinch and other online ordering platforms?

Cinch is one of the few providers that doesn’t take a % of your orders!

What is the different between Cinch and me&u or Mr Yum?

Cinch can be used to pre-book a table and order online, as its Order Ahead table function. me&u is in-venue ordering from the table, same as Mr Yum, although Mr Yum also provides online ordering.

Can you enter the Restaurant Table number in the pre-book table reservation and order ahead?

The system is not specifically designed for a dine-in ordering experience. However, there are some venues using it like that already. If you wanted to, you could “pay on each order” online dine-in ordering; add a table stand-up to each table to let customers know they can order online for dine-in as well.

Do I require an iPad to download the APP on?

The Order accepting app can be downloaded on an iPad, Smart phone or Tablet. The app needs to be installed on an Android or Apple device, our Surface Go tablets are windows based.

Are there Credit Card fees?

Credit Card fees will apply from the online merchant as per normal.

Is the system compatible with most major online payment systems?

Please see the online payments which you can use below:
• Stripe
• Adyen
• Authorisze.Net
• Merchant Warrior
• Stripe Connected
• Windcave
• Worldpay
• PayPal
• Apple Pay
• Google Pay

Can you purchase giftcards and use them through Cinch?

Gift vouchers can’t be mapped through our Cinch platform. We do have an integration partner GiveX (link to who can add another section on your website to purchase gift cards through the Impos system. Redeeming these vouchers however will need to be complete on premise.

Do the orders sync in with IMDelivery

All the customers will be saved in IMDelivery when their delivery orders come through the Impos system.

Why do I have to download the app?

The app is needed to accept or decline orders in real time.

Can I increase the wait time on accepting an order on the app?

We cannot change the timer to more than 3 minutes. The reason is that your customers are waiting on screen for you to confirm the order. They like to see right away how long it takes until they can go to pick up or for you to deliver. We’ve found out that this real-time, on-screen experience is something customers highly value so they come back over and over again to place more orders.

How do I integrate new Impos items to the Cinch website?

First, add the item in Impos Back Office. Then add item on Cinch. Finally map both items in Back Office.

Why do Cinch items do not print to the correct printer?

Cinch items print on Impos depending on the Impos Printing set up. Cinch items mapped to an Impos Back Office item will print where the Impos Back office item is ticked.